A drug search engine which allows users to search drugs and returns nearest pharmacies having those drugs

WINNER: 1 year scholarship at Hub Accra + Admission to Global Hackathon in Seoul

A friend, Sasha found it difficult locating some drugs, she'd been bitten by a dog and no one had a rabies shot - actually some pharmacies did but it took her two days to find them! On the flip side pharmacies are loosing money because some rare drugs expire while in stock making it difficult for them to choose to order for such drugs, which in turn makes it difficult for users to find. PharmSee connects them both. PharmSee targets individuals with prescriptions on one side and pharmacies who sign up on the other side. At PharmSee , we thrive at its simplicity. Our platform does not require users to sign up before they make a search and the ease with which pharmacies sign up, restock their drug database and user search experience makes PharmSee stand out.

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