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After 2 years of teaching students in both rural and urban areas in Ghana, we realized there are usually disparities in the performance of students from the rural and urban areas. Students in general, especially those in the rural areas inadequately prepare for their general exams and end up receiving low scores, depriving them access to higher education. Out of this frustration, we created Prepa to bridge the gap between the quality of education that exists between the rural and urban areas by creating a common platform for idea sharing and preparing students adequately through examination simulation no matter their place of abode. Students are presented with questions from qualified teachers and past questions including WASSCE and JAMB in a real exams mode. After taking the exams, you get to see your performance and summary further explaining subject concepts. Students can also ask and have their questions answered on our platform. By adopting this application, students will be better prepared for their final examinations regardless of their location, be it urban or rural. Some of the challenges we ran into were the limited time involved to produce a launch-ready MVP. In the end, we were able to build the android and web version of the app and work has started on the feature phone version, which we are very proud of. Through this process, we have learnt to put things together quickly to achieve maximum results. Prepa is yet to launch its feature phone version and embark on its customer acquisition.

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